News and Announcements


  • Final workshop of the Islam in the Horn of Africa Project: Five years of research on the literary tradition of the Muslims of the Horn of Africa: achievements and further perspectives.
  • 18.11.2018 & 30.11.2018

  • Michele Petrone presents at MESA 2018 (San Antonio, TX) and ASA 2018 (Atlanta, GA).


  • Eloi Ficquet gives a lecture at the University of Copenhagen on A Robe of Meaning and Miracles. Ethno-philology of an Islamic Ethiopian Amharic Ajami Hagiographic Poem.
  • 24-29.09.2018

  • Alessandro Gori, Sara Fani and Michele Petrone are participating in the activities of the "Third Hiob Ludolf Centre Summer School in Ethiopian and Eritrean Manuscript Studies Mekelle, Ethiopia"
  • 20.06.2018

  • Anne Regourd and Sara Fani are presenting at the "MELCom 2018 in Budapest, introducing the audience to the outcomes of the IslHornAfr Project.
  • 11-12.04.2018

  • Prof. Giorgio Banti (Universita' di Napoli "l'Orientale") will give two lectures about ajami traditions and Oromo ajami in the Horn of Africa at the University of Copenhagen. More details here
  • 22-23.02.2018

  • The team of the Islam in the Horn of Africa Project will take part to the Workshop Linking Manuscripts from the Coptic, Ethiopian and Syriac domain: Present and Future Synergy Strategies at the Hiob Ludolf Institute of Ethiopian Studies in Hamburg.


  • Prof. Anne Bang will give a public lecture about the new perspectives in the study of the Ryadha Mosque manuscript collection.


  • The team of the project joined the activities of the Summer School in Ethiopian and Eritrean Manuscript Studies at the Hiob Ludolf Center for Ethiopian Studies.
  • 18-23.9.2017

  • Andreas Wetter (PhD - Independent researcher) is visiting the project team in Copenhagen and will introduce us to "Languages of Islam: Amharic Literature in Arabic Sript" on Thursday 21, 9:30 - 11.


  • Michele Petrone presented at the III Dies Academicus of the Classis Africana of the Accademia Ambrosiana: Sufism and Textual Production in 20th century Ethiopia .


  • Michele Petrone presented at the University of Bayreuth-BIGSAS: Arabic in Ethiopia: Literature and Practice.


  • The project, in collaboration with the University of Cape Town, hosts the conference Sahara East and West: A New Academic Approach to Literary Sources.


  • The project, in collaboration with the University of Cape Town, hosts the conference Sub Saharan Islam: People, Books, Collections.


  • Sara Fani and Adday Hernández López presented at the conference Sacred Word: The Changing Meanings in Textual Cultures of Islamic Africa. A Symposium dedicated to the memory of Professor John O. Hunwick (1936-2015).


  • Michele Petrone presents at the University of Tuebingen, in the frame of the course in Islamische Philosophie: "Collections and models of Ownership in Manuscript Collections of Ethiopia".


  • Alessandro Gori presents at the II Dies Academicus 2015 of the Classe di studi africani of the Accademia Ambrosiana on "Riflessi letterari del culto dei santi islamici in Africa Orientale". On 12.11.2015 Alessandro Gori becomes member of the Academy and on 13.11.2015 he is elected Chair of the section Ethiopian studies within the Classe di studi africani.


  • The IslHornAfr project organizes a panel on Islamic literature in Ethiopia: new perspectives of research within the framework of the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, Warsaw, Poland. See the presentations by Sara Fani, Michele Petrone, Anne Regourd, Alessandro Gori.

    24.7 - 7.8.2015

  • Field mission in Somaliland, with participation in the Hargeysa International Book Fair by Alessandro Gori and Michele Petrone on 1 August 2015.
  • 01.6 -02.7 & 31.08-05.10.2015

  • Anne Regourd conducts library research in Leiden University Library for the "Study on Abu Shubbak papers in Yemeni manuscripts for the purpose of dating Ethiopians"


  • Anne Regourd gives a talk on "The catalogue of the manuscripts of Abdullah Sharif library, Harar" at the workshop "Christian and Muslim sources" within the series CFEE Monthly Research Seminar on Medieval and Post-Medieval History of Ethiopia organized by the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa


  • Alessandro Gori presents a paper on "Manuscripts and Ethics" as part of the "Texts and Heritage" lecture cycle at the University of Copenhagen (Cultural Heritage at ToRS)


  • The IslHornAfr project participates, with 3 presentations, by Alessandro Gori ('Lingue e letterature islamiche d’Etiopia: nuove prospettive di ricerca'), Michele Petrone ('Testi devozionali islamici in Etiopia, fra pratiche e tradizione manoscritta'), and Sara Fani (I manoscritti islamici in Etiopia: storia di una tradizione attraverso la codicologia), at the Giornata di studi etiopici at the University of Florence.


  • The second IslHornAfr workshop Mission to the land of coffee: first achievements and results, presenting the results of the first field research in Oromiyya (Ethiopia) is held at the University of Copenhagen (papers by Alessandro Gori, Sara Fani, Michele Petrone, Orhan Toy).


  • The IslHornAfr (in particular, Anne Regourd) coorganizes the workshop Manuscrits chretiens et islamiques d’Ethiopie (XII-XX s.). Une approche comparative / Christian and Islamic Manuscripts of Ethiopia (12th/20th century). A Comparative Approach, BNF, Paris, with presentations by Alessandro Gori and Anne Regourd.


  • The first IslHornAfr field mission in Ethiopia.


  • Anne Regourd presents the talk 'It Looks Good on Paper: Conserving Zabid’s Manuscripts and Intellectual History' at the MESA panel 'Yemen’s Cultural Crisis: Catastrophe or Opportunity', Washington, DC


  • Anne Regourd spoke with Steve Delamarter at the University of North Carolina, Asheville on Windows into the Soul of a Community: Christian and Islamic Manuscripts in Ethiopia


  • Alessandro Gori participates in the Dies Academicus of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana on L'Africa, l'Oriente mediterraneo e l'Europa. Tradizioni e culture a confronto with the paper on Lingua e letteratura dei musulmani nel Corno d'Africa


  • Anne Regourd had a talk on Documents & Histoire: Les documents arabes inédits d'une papyrologue (sources égyptiennes médiévales et modernes) at CSIC Barcelona, Spain.


  • Anne Regourd participated in the 5th Workshop in the Series Catalogorum, Problémes de catalogage des manuscrits orientaux : établissement et édition du texte, Paris, France.


  • The IslHornAfr workshop is held at the University of Copenhagen, with papers by Alessandro Gori, Sara Fani, Michele Petrone, Anne Regourd, Orhan Toy.


  • Anne Regourd presented at the workshop Qur'anic Material, Odense, Denmark.


  • Manuscript research mission to Leiden, Netherlands (Drewes collection), conducted by Alessandro Gori and Giorgio Banti.

    Sept.-Oct. 2014

  • Muhammad Hassen Kawo (Addis Ababa) visits the project team in Florence


  • Anne Regourd attended the Tenth Islamic Manuscript Conference at Cambridge, UK.


  • The IslHornAfr project co-organizes the conference Manuscripts and texts, languages and contexts: the transmission of knowledge in the Horn of Africa in Hamburg, with a full-day event dedicated to the Islamic literature of Ethiopia. Papers given by Alessandro Gori ('Waqf certificates from Harar. A first assessment'), Sara Fani ('Magic, Traditional Medicine and Theurgy in Arabo-Islamic Manuscripts of the Horn of Africa - Classification and description'), and Michele Petrone ('Some notes about the lists of saints in Harari Arabic manuscripts'); with Anne Regourd chairing one of the sessions.


  • Sara Fani defended her PhD thesis "Le arti del libro secondo le fonti arabe originali: loro importanza per una corretta valutazione e conservazione del patrimonio manoscritto" (The Arts of Book in Original Arabic Sources: their Importance for Correct Evaluation and Conservation of the Manuscript Heritage) at the Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale"


  • Michele Petrone presents a paper on 'Al-Suyuti in the Catalogues of West African Collections of Manuscripts' at the First Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies, Venice


  • Sara Fani takes part in the seminar "La Typographia Medicea tra Roma e l'Oriente", Florence


  • The IslHornAfr project co-organizes the conference Islamic Manuscripts in the Horn of Africa with the French Center for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE) and the Institute for Ethiopian Studies (IES), Addis Ababa, with papers by Alessandro Gori (Hailing the righteous king : a manuscript text for visitors to the Nagaši), Anne Regourd (Paper studies : comparison of the papers of Ethiopian Islamic manuscripts (Harari) with those of Yemeni manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th c.), Michele Petrone (A first inquiry about the Tanbih al-Anam by Ibn 'Azzum al-Qayrawani (d. 960/1552) and its ritual usage in Ethiopia and Northern Africa), see programme


  • The project transfers to the University of Copenhagen


  • Michele Petrone attends the workshop Le prophéte comme modéle: implications doctrinales et pratiques dévotionnelles (Aix-en-Provence) with a paper on 'Les priviléges (khasāis) du Prophéte, la dévotion des juristes'


  • Alessandro Gori co-organizes the workshop Creating Standards: Orthography, Script and Layout in Manuscript Traditions Based on Arabic Alphabet (Hamburg).


  • The IslHornAfr project announces two positions of research fellow / assistant professor (Ricercatore a tempo determinato) for the period of three years (extendable by two) to start on 1 October 2013. Deadline for applications is 29 August 2013.


  • The IslHornAfr project announces two post-doctoral positions for the period of three years (extendable by one) to start on 1 September 2013. Please visit the calls page for details.
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